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Translation Company

Translating Company is proud to quality assessment and Vietnam the most prestigious in the field of translation, we specialize in providing translation services and interpretation services at 50 other languages such as English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, French, German, Russian, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Finland, Thailand, the Netherlands, Romania, Laos, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, La Fine, Sweden, Malaysia, Turkey Ky..vv..Voi many years of experience translating for government organizations, multi-national companies such as the Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, JICA Japan publication, National University of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Unilever, RO Abbott, Canon Vietnam, Korean steel group Posco, Saigon University Corporation shares NAGECCO construction, insurance company Liberty life .. etc..

Translating Company with a team of translators are recruited, selected rigorous, ensuring graduates college degree or more specialized terminology and translation experience its related field from 5 to 20 years, with collaboration with a team of high-quality translators have many years of cooperation with companies including trainees and baits origin, primary teachers, masters, doctoral teaching at prestigious universities in country.

With the motto:


Along with a commitment to:


We are committed to providing customers the highest translation quality, the fastest speed with the application of professional translation process - Commitment to Quality - mat- Policy and Payment Transactions to ensure the best economic efficiency for our customers.

We specialize in providing services:

1 Compilation of all types of documents: Culture, society, education; Banking and finance; Economic, trade and marketing; Tours - Tours; Construction engineering drawings (mechanical, electronics ...); Report; Dossier (CV, job applications ...); User manual equipment; Medicine; Movies; website; Law ...

2. Supplying translator: Exhibition, tours, escorted, market surveys, interviews, ISO evaluation, quality, trade talks, seminars, internal meetings, project ...

- Get away translator and abroad as required.

- Receive shuttle guests to eat, drink, visit the on-demand entertainment.

3 Training Translation: Organizing training courses and compile a professional interpreter.

So far, we are proud to be partners provide translation services trusted by many customers in different areas.
We believe you will be satisfied with the services of Translation Companies and hopefully soon become trusted partners translating your long-term future.