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Recipes Korean vocabulary

At least 15 minutes per day spent focusing on vocabulary learning can quickly improve your vocabulary. So you can increase communication skills, essay writing and speech. Possesses a rich vocabulary that will help you a lot in learning, work and society. It helps you to understand other people's ideas, as well as others can think and understand your ideas better.

Of course you already know thousands of words, and you will continue to learn more though is that you have to use it or not. The truth is, a lot of words that you saw them by chance while reading a book, or communication while watching TV. But in order to increase efficiency, then you need to have a consistent approach and dedicated to it. If one day you just learn one new word, after 3 years you will have more than one thousand new words in his vocabulary. However, if you are determined to learn from the first 10 days, within 1 year you have added more than 3000 words, and could have formed a habit of self-learning and self-improvement themselves. 3000, and may have formed a habit of self-learning and self-improvement themselves.
Tip 1: Learn from anywhere.

You cut into small pieces of paper or stickers which represents pieces, then write the words I needed to learn it. Paste or where they look best, such as on the mirror, on the computer screen, front seat walls dishwasher, refrigerator, TV ... just go through that again visible.
Method 2: Learning from the theme.

Of course it's a national language, I could hardly hold it all off, depending on the conditions of service or employment, then we should be in that direction.

Translation profession requires high capital from all areas of the school so every day is what you should do. You should buy newspapers, or look on the articles under topics such as politics, economics, culture, construction, labor, business ... then cut out and pasted on the book (each book is one particular topic). In each book, you do not know the words highlight and annotate means. Open the dictionary, the word bold. Then recorded in his book, the order page in the dictionary of the word. Regularly open open to reread it to remember it.
Method 3: Learning by self-service.

You should be familiar with the foreign one, translated by helping them see themselves. But to raise capital from other language should be translated in style: English Vietnamese, South Vietnamese. Services also own theme according to the array and then take a note of exactly how 2 Make sure you will remember for a long time.
Method 4: Read the newspaper, listen to music, watch movies

Every day just after 5 to 10 from reading the newspaper, listening to music, watching movies is more than enough. No need is too much for these activities should be realistic as you easier to remember.

There is another way how to manually edit the dictionary. You see the connection between VNKR games. The question is, do you people not eat laid? If you do not like eating other people's houses to cook themselves. Blogs have a lot, you can set up a page for their own learning and self.
  Korean vocabulary Vietnamese have similar number from the original Chinese is very large, accounting for 70 -80%. So if you form the habit of comparing the similarities between Korean and Vietnamese Han, it is very easy to remember.


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