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The importance and benefits of learning English

The study of a language other than their mother tongue, will always bring you much trouble, so to learn English or any other language requires you to have the motivation is clear. to help you understand the importance and benefits of learning English, and helps you have more motivation for you, 24 hours language Center has issued a number of reasons to convince you be yourself.

1 English is really important for you to go away and learn.

A good number of you that are interested in English is the official language of over 53 countries and territories, and is the official language of the EU and is spoken by many 3rd most used only after Chinese and Spanish (due to differences in the population national use). Especially if you want to study overseas demand, and the volume of water in the European Union is a top priority for you by the living conditions and the school's reputation, the English language is a language you can never be ignored.

In addition, English is a beautiful language, associated with many distinctive culture from the countries that use it. If you feel that you really love and passion for English, I am confident that you will soon be fluent in this language.

Tip No. 1: beautiful English, English culture and history is a miracle!

Learning English is to improve themselves, improve their lives and their own futures.

Employers will want to select a candidate with good English skills, rather than a candidate can not be used or badly used this language. When you graduate and look forward to working in a good company with decent salary and stable environment, employers will ask nothing of you: certainly can not ignore requirements: know how to use English . Even if you work for a Japanese company, or any other multinational, if you know English, and preferably proficient use, you will still be prioritized

Or if you want to study it is necessary you have to learn English to be able to follow the training program content. As I said above, Multi Language still want to add that to serve the needs of education in the advanced countries of the world, even though you select a country not used in English, then you know the language this, you can still live and work confidently in a completely unfamiliar country.

Tip # 2: Learn to make your own English bright future


3 Learning English is also an important condition for you to be able to access and update the knowledge sources from around the world.

More than 1 billion Web pages in English. It's amazing that learning just one language gives you access to almost all knowledge on it. The most commonly used software in the world, the most popular social network, the most extensive portal, the e-wallet is the most popular, all written in English.

Only English newspapers and magazines that can be bought everywhere in the world. You do not have to scour the paper looking like Times, Newsweek and the International Herald Tribune.

Please see international television networks such as CNN and BBC. They broadcast news quicker, more professional television networks in other countries. And you can watch these channels from around the world. Elsewhere, you can also easily find an English-speaking people.

Tip No. 3: learn English to increase their own knowledge.

4 Promote career.

Put "excellent knowledge of English" on a CV (curriculum vitae) of you. Get dream job and earn more money. Make wise choices, even if your job does not require skill to use English fluently, but if you prove yourself as a professional staff, your boss is not hard to remind you to take your higher position.

Computer science research. Read the technical paper is not difficult. Or write your own articles! Only with the book, the thematic material written by common languages ​​in the world, you know of the usefulness of vast repositories of knowledge, is recognized worldwide.

Become more skilled scientists. Get in touch with scientists in other countries, participating in international conferences, visit academic centers abroad. Learn new discoveries through books, newspapers, magazines. You do not want to be sitting bottom hole frog right? Let rise in a simple way, put yourself to the community.

Tip No. 4: Do not be the frog sitting bottom of the well, let alone world-wide reach.

5 Helps you active in the social environment, confidence in communication and always wanted to explore the cultures of the countries in the world.

Learning English has now become a global language. Amid dozens, hundreds of different languages​​, world chose English as a means for people to understand each other. According to data from Wikipedia, 53 countries that use English as the official language. The international event like the Olympics, the global organization, multinational companies ... are considered English as the language of communication. To not become a client, a friend, "can not communicate", you need to learn to use English. Especially since Vietnam, our country has joined the world economy, you will not want to shake his hand started shaking when a foreign friend asked smiling your way right?

Tip # 5: Learn English to be friendly, confident in life

6 Feeling satisfied

Feeling great progress. You will never forget the moment of his discovery can talk with Americans or watch TV channels in English. At this point you might have found yourself motivated to learn English. And many, many more reasons that you may yet why I need to learn English.

But no matter what your reason is, you are also interested in improving the ability to use a language and it is not easily done alone in a day or two. With many years of experience in teaching English in Multi Language with native Australian teacher qualified and deep understanding of modern teaching methods, Multi language would be a good environment, is a companion to help you shorten the time to conquer the English and the realization of the goals that you are aiming for.

Tip # 6: Take a look back at their accomplishments when English became the language of your 2nd. You will see that's great!

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