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Methods of effective learning Japanese

I've gone through 1 kyuu ​​in December 2008 and now I work as a freelance translator in Tokyo for several large companies in the world I often get the question how to get started the most effective learning Japanese, so here is my advice that is best for learning this language.

1 There is an obvious target.

Many people want to "learn Japanese" But the first step in learning Japanese is to decide the method of "the most effective learning Japanese" for themselves. It means watching anime without subtitles? There is a reading text in Japanese? Or if you are proficient enough to get a job in Japan?

Unfortunately, many people who want to learn Japanese had little experience of language learning. If you have not learned a foreign language before, you will be really hard to come up with an idea: how to learn a foreign language and the problems you may encounter. Most people give up in the early stages of learning, so it is important to have realistic expectations from the start.

If you want to master this language, you should better decisions and learn before it, should be expected to become a "master" of the language. Having specific goals are more useful than those who study in ambiguity. For example, to set goals will be easier to recognize your progress if your goal is "I want to read Japanese to participate kyuu ​​exam" and even more if your goal is "I want to know everything about it. "Set specific goals allows you to measure your progress. Many students find that the measure of their progress as one of the greatest motivation for language learning better.

The road to fluency in a new language is long and difficult. The goal clearly is not everything, but it will help a lot when you get lost on the way to your destination - and you can feel losing what they have learned with time .As other languages​​, you progress in the ability to speak and write, but they began to disagree with each other noteworthy. You can read and understand the lessons of philosophy, but still have no idea what to say for a few sessions. Or vice versa. Having clear objectives from the outset will help ensure that you develop your ability to serve the objectives set out.

2 Be "Ready" to begin.

In this article, I focus on the approach and self-study (self-taught) language. In fact, I've done all the preparation for the Japanese Language Proficiency test of my own. But I do not think self-studying Japanese is the best way to start.
Language media. You can not learn to speak by speaking only to himself. Tapes can be helpful, but starting from the tape if you can eliminate the loneliness. Thus after all your preparation, you should choose a place to learn to say, but you do not have anyone to practice speaking? Of course, there may not be a good choice near where you live. I can not study Japanese until I went to college. So I recommend taking a language class if you can.
There is an instructor will give you a solid foundation of basic grammar, will ensure that when you start to research and study, you will be on track to spend more time learning efficiency results.
I've studied for more than eight years, and I have yet to meet a foreign language learners go from zero to fluent but had never participated in a public classroom. Language is to talk to people, so unless you have a bunch of Japanese friends, this is the best classroom practices that you engage.

3 Practice with some Japanese friends.

Because language is about communication, you need people to communicate. Along Japanese students is a great start. But if you do not have a chance so you should take a few sessions to communicate with those who have mastered the language you are studying to make inquiries in your school problem, it's best to avoid trouble learning Japanese because they have been through what you are experiencing. or meet the Japanese on the internet is also a good idea.
Skype is also an option, but unfortunately the new version has removed the feature that allows users to search by country name, making the software more or less useful for trouble meeting new people.

4 Avoid Romaji.

Hiragana and katakana Learn (Japanese alphabet) as quickly as possible. Avoid romaji (Japanese written in Roman alphabets). Take time to become familiar with romaji short (about an hour is enough) and then move on to actually writing systems in Japan.
In Japan, romaji used your name on your credit card, weird ads, and sometimes the title of the song.

5 Avoid excessive trading.

Japan is developing all aspects of the world. As a result, many everyday activities simply can not chungsang literal translation of the Vietnamese. (For example, Japanese people often say yoroshiku onegaishimasu, but this is quite difficult to directly translate into Vietnamese.)
Trying to translate everything you read in Japanese to Vietnamese, it is the habit in the first few months when you start researching, you'd best leave it as soon as possible.
Instead of translated, you should find the main idea of the sentence in question, correctly pronounce and remember situations to use it.

6 Learn Kanji system.

I do not recommend taking a crash course in Chinese characters even if you want to learn Japanese well. There is so much to learn kanji in Japanese, it will cost you a lot of time. You should learn it in a certain order to remember them in the best way. And do not be afraid to spend the time and money to learn how to write them precisely Tit Babbler.
Perhaps the best way to learn kanji is to learn the general principles of learning from a Japanese teacher and then consult one of the other references when you get stuck. Most Chinese characters are made up of a combination of simple 200 parts, called free radicals, so once you remember the parts that you can rest easy.

7 Objectives and destination.

There is a lot of talk about finding "the fastest way" and "the method most effective learning Japanese." While there is a lot of talk about the speed and effectiveness of the method in studying this site. The ultimate goal is not to learn 12,000 words or grammatical 2,000 - the ultimate goal is that you can share your ideas, your goals Japanese people
So learning Japanese or get a hobby and wheels happy in life. Of course, you should also do its best to study effectively. But do not get too obsessed with results. Even if you study for a few hours a day, you can also practice the language fluently.
I know that learning Japanese is difficult. But in the end it's not the difficulty is that it requires intelligence to be able to talk but rather to master it requires a lot of time for learning.
Define objectives before and destination of learning Japanese before you start to learn it.

8 Living in Japan if possible.

The best way to learn Japanese is to live in Japan. Of course, living abroad is a difficult thing about money, family, work, etc. - unfortunately it's not for everyone. But if you get a chance, by all means let's do it.

I wish you luck in always learning Japanese!

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