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The importance of the present English

The importance of English is very important now in the era of nhap.Tieng he has become an essential tool in their daily work. Although any job, what areas are good English ability to always make your current job more convenient, more successful in their work

The importance of English in today's education and training in the development of the country. Generally, not knowing a foreign language is the indispensable requirement of high-tech workers to meet the technological process innovation often, but that language was a necessary capability for the Vietnamese modern South.

To have access to the world's knowledge, is the first solid foreign language to foster understanding age level, each person should be fluent in at least one foreign language proficiency rather sketchy understanding, primarily in response, the average differential for "last frontier" in the exams as the most qualified graduates of a university or officials to legalize qualifications in Vietnam.

Towards the knowledge in the world today, we have an effective means unparalleled Internet. The expansion of internet tools, information technology is the decisive factors for updating new knowledge and modern. In the system of knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to form and develop understanding for everyone, there is a language very important position, foreign language is not only an effective tool in the hands of workers in information extraction to acquire scientific and technical high school a good experience of the countries of the world on his specialized field but also a useful means of improving the quality of life for animals nature and the human spirit. Knowing a foreign language, people can deepen understanding of world civilizations, expand cooperation, exchange and develop their own potential.

15 tips to learn English effectively

You want to upgrade the skills of their use of English? To do this, you need to have specific methods and efficiency. Refer to the following tips.

1 Positive TV, video, radio, reading newspapers or speak English with native speakers whenever you get a chance.

2 Use of English in many places, not just in the classroom.

3 Tap listen and sing English songs.

4 When speaking in English, try to express in every possible way, including using gestures.

5 Ask or suggest speakers reiterated that if not understood.

6 Never afraid to make mistakes when speaking and writing English

7 Application of new words and structures learned in many different situations.

8 Read the various articles on the same topic. Practice saying and writing in the home that point.

9 Try to guess the meaning of a word, sentence by reading the content base, listening or social situations.

10 Compare to understand the differences between English and Vietnamese.

11 Auto Repair is your fault or the teacher before treatment.

12 Learning in groups or in pairs is best.

13 Learning the rules of grammar, vocabulary and sample conversations.

14 Listen to the tape and regular practice spelling.

15 The most important thing is to be passionate and determined to persevere tam.Dac especially, it will slowly progress: you just need to remember 5 words per day, or 5 words before bed.

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