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Translation Science - Technology - Technology

Science and Technology today is growing at breakneck speed. To operate, installation, use or repair a device must be described in detail and precision. Any documents that are not exact translation of the technical fields can also lead to errors caused by users - it would be the loss and serious injury.

Because of that, the staff's technical service company mainly specialized mechanical engineering, electronics, construction, information technology (University of Technology, University of Technical Education, University of Industry ... ) has years of experience working for foreign companies in specialized fields, so that they have drawn enough knowledge and experience to complete the implementation of the technical work.

altVoi each type of material science engineering, mechanical engineering, construction and development team of the company will analyze and list the specialized vocabulary, and translation methods offer the optimum, the from this professional will evaluate the accuracy of the entire translation. At the same time, we implemented the security measures before, during and after each project to ensure the highest level of security possible for each document that customers have entrusted.

Technical Documentation

VIETNAM professional translation PRESTIGE provide mainly technical translation services such as:

· Guide removable devices

· User manual equipment

· Online Help

· Technical drawings (Auto Cad, JWW, Pro / Engineer ...)

· Documentation Practice

· Technical Report

· Request a Quote

· Documentation Engineer

· Table data

· Legal Documents (Construction Law)

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